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Monday, February 7, 2011


I had nothing riding on the game and didn't really follow either of these teams all season, but the only way I could sit down and watch the game was if I sat down and banged out a blog.  It was a a close game, and I couldn't relax.  I was in constant motion, and was even missing the commercials.  While I did sit down to write, the last five minutes I was on my feet.  Just your average case of Superbowl fever.  

I'm no armchair quarterback, and when a flag is thrown I can't call out the penalty before the announcer, but yes, I like football.  I can't remember liking it as a child, and I'm fairly certain I only attended high school games for the social scene, but somewhere along the lines, I learned to understand the game, and then I was hooked.  Officially, I'm a Patriots fan but since they didn't make it to the big dance, I threw my support for SB45 to the Packers.  It was a good game!    

My daughter is a football fan too.  When mom is watching football on Sunday, what's a girl to do?  She, at least, has the fundamentals, and she likes the Patriots.  I have no doubt my enthusiasm for the team has had an impression.  Although she has her own opinions too, and routes for Atlanta when they are playing, because she was born in Georgia.  Of course!

I didn't see any commercials that 'wowed' me but I am pretty taken with the e-Trade baby.

Packers?  Pittsburgh? Where you the least bit interested? 

As a side note, Tom Brady was voted the NFL MVP...indeed!


  1. We didn't get the commercials over here in the UK which is a shame, but I had a bet going with my husband and sadly I lost. I didn't know enough about football to make a informed and well judged pick out of the two but it was fun as we had his team mates and their partners over for a party, and I was happy to entertain rather than worry about the game, until the end when I thought the Steelers might have pulled it back and I could have won the game/bet, thats when I took notice.

  2. If you Google super bowl xlv, there are websites that have all the commercials posted.

  3. It was a great game! I'm a huge Green Bay Packers fan and loved every nail biting minute of it.
    ~ Carol